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Homemade Yogurt

(Makes 1 cups 1 serving = cup)
1 quart (4 cups) Low-fat or fat-free milk
2/3 cup Fat-free powdered milk
2 Tablespoons Yogurt, plain with live, active cultures

Directions: 1. Attach a thermometer to the side of a medium size saucepan.
2. Add the milk and powdered milk into the saucepan and stir.
3. Continue to stir the milk while bringing the temperature of the mixture to 180 190 degrees.
4. In a larger saucepan create a cool water bath using tap water and a few ice cubes.
5. Place the medium size saucepan with milk into the cool water bath, and continue to stir until the mixture cools back down to 115-120 degrees. 6. In a small mixing bowl put the yogurt and 2 tablespoons of the warm milk. 7. Stir until creamy, then add back to saucepan of milk.
8. Blend together, then pour the yogurt into quart size jars.

9. Wrap a dish cloth around the jar and place in a warm place for 4 6 hours, (I put it right into the oven with just the light on).
You did it! Yum!

1. Make the Berry Fruit Topping (from Series #3 Cookbook)
2. Make the homemade granola.
3. Layer the fresh yogurt, berry fruit topping, and granola.
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